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Pierre Bertrand & Caja Negra - Duke Ellington's "Far East Suite"
In concert at Theatre Francis Gag in nice :
from 22 to 24 th of march 2019

Vendredi 22 mars 20h30: weezevent
Samedi 23 mars 20h30: weezevent
Dimanche 24 mars 15h00: weezevent


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New Album release

Pierre Bertrand's new album is called 'Far East Suite' , released on 2018-11-09. To get concerts, check the concerts page.


Website Released

Welcome to Pierre Bertrand's new website ! We please you to explore every pages you have access to.


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Last Album Released

Far East Suite - Pierre Bertrand

Cristal Records / Sony Music Entertainment

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Next concert coming soon.

Pierre Bertrand won the ‘Victoires du Jazz 2017’ in the ‘inclassable’ category